Club Brunches and Buffet Dinners

Brunch is held at 11 am on those Sunday mornings shown on the Club Calendar. We always meet at the Clubhouse. The brunch consists of a choice of several entrees and/or light breakfast meals. Champagne is sometimes served. Each person is should be prepared to pay about ten to fifteen dollars.

Although reservations are not generally required, you should contact the club offices. Sometimes we change restaurants at the last moment. We do not charge for this event, but each person pays for their own meal; 'Dutch treat'.

The Club Buffet Dinners are held every month so that new people get a chance to meet other members and staff. We generally hold this event as a kind of 'pot-luck'. Everyone brings a food item or pays a nominal fee to attend. The staff will make sure we don't end up with 'all salads' and that the food 'stays hot'. They will also help serve the meal to our guests.