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Private Parties

We support several Theme Parties each month. A small group will "rent the hall" for an afternoon or evening. These parties allow a small group of people to get together for a special purpose. It may be just an evening of fun and games at the clubhouse, or in someone's home. (A John Norman book, "Venus in Furs" or "The Story of O" are examples of event themes.)

These events usually require personal invitations. Qualifications vary from party to party depending upon theme and needs of the persons holding the event. A person or couple is usually invited after being interviewed by club members at one of the other club events. Please do not feel slighted or left out if you do not receive an invitation to one of the private parties. It is possible for a person to belong to the Club for quite a while and not be invited to a private party. If you personally would like to sponsor such an event, or if you would like to rent private space, call the Club Office for details.

Private and  Special Parties

Special parties are often planned and scheduled by the Staff. They include a wide variety of events like renting a houseboat for a weekend bondage party. Qualifications for attendance and price vary from event to event.

If would like to help and/or sponsor one of these events, contact the Club offices. Perhaps we can provide a few ideas, even a possible guest list.

If you wish, we can even cater the event for you. We are here to help you with your events We participate as much, or as little, as you desire. We also offer the clubhouse to other clubs and organizations, provided that certain guidelines are met.

Fantasy Costume Parties

The Fantasy Costume Party can best be described as a quarterly Halloween Party. Reservations are required. Costs and themes vary from event to event , so you really need to check the calendar for details. The theme and amount of space is quite often a consideration, so we must place limits as to the number of people who attend.

Staff Meetings

Staff Meetings are monthly planning meetings. All Staff Members generally plan to attend this event which is generally held on the last Tuesday of each month. Sometimes, non-staff members are allowed to attend. Please, do not feel offended if you are excluded or asked to leave; the staff occasionally needs time to discuss a topic privately.
These events also allow Club Members the opportunity to meet and talk with those people who are responsible for organizing and running the Club and its events.

Libraries & dBases

Over the last four decades, I have collected a very large library. I also have a large data base of people, clubs and companies dealing with B&D, S&M and various other forms of sexuality. This allows members who are traveling to meet with other people outside the Bay Area. If you would like more information about the Library or the database, call the Club offices and ask for Robin.

If you have films, tapes magazines or books you would like to donate our library, call the Club offices and ask for Robin.

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