History of our group

Here are some links to stories written by other people about The BackDrop Club

"History of our Group" From Libido Magazine
Online edition, 2002
"3 Day with The Master" by Marvin X
First printed in Fetish Times in 1974
"The Good Old Days" by Jay Wiseman
"Robin's Nest"
from Fling Magazine, 1974
Macho Magazine Article
"Reflections Magazine"
from Volume 3 - Number 3, 1981
Spectator Article about BackDrop
from June, 2005
"As you Like it"
Contra Costa County Times, 6/22/1996
Robin & Ssarrah's
Master/slave Ceremony
Article about BackDrop on Eros Guide Pictures From
Folsom Street Fair 2005 & 2006
Holding class at the Learning Annex:
"How to become a Professional Dominatrix
Pictures From
Folsom Street Fair 2008
  Pictures From
Folsom Street Fair 2009

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