BackDrop Club Membership Request Form

(A limited number of "Sponsored Memberships" are also available)

   Full Membership - Annual dues are $50/year for singles and $10 for each additional family member.

  • free Newsletter
  • free orientation classes
  • free attendance to one event per quarter
  • free advertising space at
  • a handkerchief with BackDrop Club logo   (for use as a blindfold or gag?)

   Inner Circle Membership - Annual dues are $250/year for singles and/or couples

     All of the above, and:

  • two free workshop tickets per quarter
  • two free Slave Auction tickets per quarter
  • invitations to "Inner Circle Private Parties" as they are held
  • a jacket with BackDrop Club logo

Inner Circle Membership requires being sponsored by a Staff member or another Inner Circle member.

    I do not wish to join at this time, but please send party information and newsletters
        to the address below via e-mail

    I have a question and/or I would like further information about:



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