“Party Lines Newsletter for April, 2011”

== The BackDrop Club ==

I have spent the past few  week re-working our website front page at www.backdrop.net so that people can better navigate our website

Upcoming events for April 2011 are:

April 2011 Events


April 2nd

Open Dinner Party $35/person (Includes Open Play Party)

Click here for location

April 7th

Pizza & Movie night ($5/person)

Click here for location

April 15th

Slave Auction $35/couple  (Includes Open Play Party)

Click here for location

April 23rd

The Masters Table

By invitation only


 On May 8th, we will be holding another "Tie me up, down, all around" class.  The primary topic in May will be "How to Stuff Your Toybag". We will also have ladies at the event to "scene and be scene" and provide everyone with plenty of photo-opportunities. Call 650-965-4499 for more information and/or reservations.

== Sessions ==

With the approach of spring, we have extended our hours. We also have several new ladies on staff (MsKitti, Valkyrie, Shannon and Antoinette) so check out staff.backdrop.net for their bios and photos. Session prices have not gone up in spite of the "War in Libya" and the rising prices of fuel. We are hoping to increase session counts so we can move into a building of our own again.

== SM-201 ==

Don’t you think it is about time you checked out this substantial body of work? -  www.sm-201.org

== HSAL,inc & BDSM Archives Projects ==

== In memoriam ==

March saw the passing of quite a few of our friends.

Al Wiess died Sunday, March 13th and was interred in Daly City on March 19th. He was member #00137 out of more than 6,000 members. Al was inducted into the "Legends Project" (see http://www.backdrop.net/sm-201/index.php?title=Al_Weiss ) for the good work he has done for so many years.

Dick Morgan passed this month as well. A very good friend, and he will sorely missed as well.

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