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While we were on San Pablo Avenue, Bob Mullen and I designed a call detail recorder. It was a little box, about the size of a desk-top calculator, that sat on a desk and monitored the telephone line, printing out the date, time and length of each telephone call. It was the first commercial application of "Automatic Number Identification", the forerunner of today’s "Caller ID".

This project developed to the point where we decided we should incorporate, but not in California. I was elected President/CEO of XEX Corporation, and chosen to head up the manufacturing and marketing teams.

My home was an apartment upstairs from the offices and the production facility. I found being able to walk downstairs and go to work was wonderful. I also found that having a 'live-in slave' upstairs, 'getting ready' for my dinner break was even more wonderful! After a hard day at work, she would massage my feet and help work out the knots and kinks <G> !

We changed the name to Dial-Log Corporation and sold the product to that small electronics company in Fort Worth, TX called "Radio Shack"; and I moved back to the Bay Area.

Incidents that come to mind and bring smiles:

  • When we looked at moving to Carson City, we were told to expect about four inches of snow per year. The winter we had one storm that dumped over eighteen inches of snow in one day. (I remember my neighbor going to the store with a snow mobile pulling a sled.) My folks called when they saw that Carson City 'was closed' due to the storm. When they voiced concern, I suggested they not worry: the temperature was 72 degrees. When they described the news report, my response was, "It's 72 where I am, but I haven't been outside for four days!"
  • While in Nevada, I finished Private Pilot training. It was a great feeling to go down to Gardnerville and check out a Cessna 175 and fly to other parts of the world. There is one Casino in Hawthorne that is right along side the landing strip.
  • Carson City is not the center of the known Universe. In terms of kinkiness, there is very little going on. I was quite fortunate to meet several ladies who would play 'tie-up games'. I would usually visit one of the local casinos or restaurants, and order a meal. I would tie two one dollar bills together and place them on the table, kind of absent-mindedly. When asked there meaning, I would tell them that it was a secret to life that I had learned while I was in Japan. They would ask what the secret was. If you notice, one is tying up the other one. I would further comment that I was a bondage photographer and quite often I found myself with a house guest for the weekend.
  • We had quite a few people working for the company, and I needed an Admin Assistant. I hired a young lady and explained the job to her. When I was done, I explained that I work and live in the same building. Consequently, my personal mail and magazines would be delivered to the office (downstairs) before being walked to my apartment upstairs. She said there was no problem with that. When I explained that some of the mail was going to be 'kinky', she suggested that I get a Post Office box so that other employees would not bump into 'personal mail'.
She said that if I wanted, she could pick mail from the PO on the way to work, and I told her that I would be wiling to pay her salary from when she left home, to compensate for the extra work. I suddenly noticed that magazines that always arrived on the fifth are now arriving to my place on the tenth, and that they appeared to have been read. She blushed and said that she and her husband had been reading them before bringing them to me. She asked if I was angry, or if I was going to fire her. I suggested that in the future, I would read them first.
  • One afternoon, my Admin asked if I would meet her in one of the local bars after work. When I asked why, she said they were having a Halloween Party, and that she had a friend she wanted me to meet. I went to the party and met Kelly. She and I hit it off very well from the start. When I asked my Admin why she thought Kelly and I should get together, she said, "You're the Marketing Manager. You’re a Dom, she's a sub, and well, we all know that it pays to advertise."
  • I really enjoyed the fact you could carry a loaded firearm (as long as it was in plain sight) and there were Dirt roads to explore.

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