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Chessie Moore

Chessie Moore is a fascinating combination of charm and raunch. "I love what I do," says Chessie in her soft Southern accent. "At times in the pro videos I found myself working with people who were just in it for the money."

With help from her hubby, Moore has blazed her own trail, entering thickets few starlets have trod before.

"My husband Steve is my rock. He's open minded, a good sport and he loves seing me enjoy myself."

Steve worked as a DJ and Moore as a nurse when they met. They began swinging and Chessie worked up the courage to strip in clubs. "That helped her open up sexually," says Steve.

One night Chessie agreed to do a bachelor party. About 150 guys stood around waving dollar bills. When one guy threw a $20 bill at her, she motioned him to come over. He wore shorts and his hard-on protruded. With one tug, Chessie brought his shorts down around his ankles.

"His cock stood out like a flagpole," remembers Steve. "She nursed his dick down her throat. The kid lost it and started fucking her mouth. He grunted as he shot a heavy load down her mouth. I watched her swallow other guys who fucked her mouth. Both pulled out and shot loads over her tits."

About an hour later, Steve found his wife in the bathroom. She was on her back lying on the counter and "some kid with a billy club dick was pounding into her cunt. Other guys were feeling her up and sucking her tits. Another guy with a long skinny cock rubbed it all over her face and tried to fuck her mouth. The stud plowing her pussy started yelling. I turned and saw him go balls deep in her pussy. His nuts jumped as he emptied them inside her. When he pulled out you could see his hot jizz begin to leak from her snatch but another frat slid his rigid cock into her and he hit bottom with the first stroke... I watched seven frat boys fuck her in a row, plowing her sloppy cum-filled pussy. Several others spent their loads in her mouth."

When I quoted back to Chessie such sections as the above from her website, she said they were innacurate and insulting.

The big breasted blonde porn stars says "there is something hot about black men. I'm not sure if it's the taboo factor or just the contrast of black skin and white skin. My preference is for a thick cock, black or white. My favorite sexual position is Missionary."

Born in 1968 and adopted at two months of age, Chessie grew up with a family that moved every few years. A wild child who lost her virginity at age 13, she joined the circus, got pregnant, went to nursing school, then got pregnant again and again. She eventually became a stripper, married Steve, and entered porn during the 1980s. She got huge breast implants which strain her back.

"My Dad recently passed away but was not pleased [about Chessie's porn work]. My mother is even less pleased. My adopted bros' thought is, whatever floats your boat. That's all the family I keep in touch with.

"At times I forget that circle sucks, Gang bangs, TV's, and making X-rated videos are not the norm for most people. I guess the best way to explain it is, sexually I'm like cajun food. What I think of as normal most women would think of as a one shot deal. I love to get gang fucked and one in each hole is just about right."

If you'd like to pump Chessie Moore, it only takes a negative HIV test result and $400. She'll be your private porn star for thirty minutes. You can't distribute the tape, but if she likes you, you can opt for Plan B, in which you'll take part in one of her pro-am spectacles. (RAME post)

In a video made around 1995 that is illegal in the US, but widely distributed anyway for $100 a pop, Chessie sucks a dog who comes on her face. She then tries intercourse but the animal is too tired.

"She has some grossly oversized breasts," writes Dr. Johnson on RAME, "but she's also fat and her face is nothing special. Besides, she fucks dogs for cryin' out loud! I personally wouldn't touch her with a 10' pole, let alone my 10" one. I wonder where she finds these guys, anyway. She's the female Ron Jeremy."

"If there is one actress you would want to stay away from, it's her," writes Voyager7 on RAME. "I saw her in a personal appearance this summer, and she is just about the only porn actress who once I caught a brief look at her, I said to myself, "self, what are we doing here!

"She's been pumped about xxxtimes, tits are way too big, and she complained about how they were causing her back problems all the time. (Maybe we could have Ross Perot, come up with a saying for these girls, like, "think twice, before you pump!" <g>) She must be in her 40's and looks haggard and could stand to loose a fair amount of weight. She definitely was no fantasy of mine, but then again, there were some guys there who were all ga-ga-eyes over her, I guess they liked the overpumped, hard, blue veined silly cones she was sporting and her very plump body.

"Her hubby or whatever was with her and was selling her videos. At the time, I didn't know she did the "barnyard" type stuff, (I didn't see any such titles they were selling) so out of curiousity I would have asked, but I don't think that after seeing her in person, I could have handled "such a viewing treat".... Hell, after viewing that, I might have even phased into one of dem animal rights weirdos! <g>"

Charles Drew adds: "It's true. A guy that works here at the Library of Congress, Ralph Whittington, did it. Chessie's husband made a videotape of the encounter, which Ralph has.

"Incidentally, Ralph has the world's largest private collection of erotica. You name it, videos, film, mags --- everything. Ralph tried to donate his collection to the Library but was turned down. The New York Museum of Art will now get it after he dies.

"Ralph is quite a character, he's done quite a few radio shows and newspaper interviews on his collection. If anyone is ever in DC you should look him up. He loves to show off his collection."

Ralph's daughter Amanda writes to me July, 1999: "My Dad is a spectacular father, which is of primary importance to me. His private life is his own, even when it becomes a little more public than I'm used to. I haven't seen the Chessie tape, nor do I intend to. I won't ask you how you feel about your parents having sex."


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