Janet Lupo

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Janet Lupo

Background information
Birthdate: Jan 26, 1950 (age 68 )
Height: 5' 6" / 1.68m
Weight: 125 lbs / 57 kg
Measurments: 39-24-36
Natural bust: Yes

This article is about a Big-bust model or performer

Janet Paula Lupo (born January 26, 1950 in Hoboken, New Jersey) is an American model known chiefly for her well-endowed bust. She was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its November 1975 issue. Her centerfold was photographed by Pompeo Posar.

Early years

Lupo grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey, and is of Italian, Czech and Irish descent.


In April 1974, Lupo became a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club's Great Gorge Resort in northern New Jersey. While working there, she was asked a number of times if she wanted to take a photo test to become a Playboy Playmate. Finally, in March 1975, Pompeo Posar was able to persuade her to give it a try.

Although she is sometimes touted as the "biggest boobed Playmate", Rosemarie Hillcrest, Miss October 1964, had measurements of 41-25-38 inch at the time of her pictorial. However, bust size measurements are notoriously inconsistent and difficult to compare.

Since her photo shoot, Lupo has since made two comebacks, first in an April 1984 Playboy pictorial, "Playmates Forever! Part Two" and in 1998, on her own official website. She makes annual appearances at Glamourcon.

Personal life

Family reactions to her appearance in the November 1975 issue were mixed. Her father was very upset about it, but her mother liked it. Eventually, her father did come around, and he became very supportive of her decision. After touring the United States, Canada and Japan to promote Playboy, Lupo started working as a bartender at a restaurant owned by a friend's husband.

In early 1977, Lupo moved to Key Biscayne, Florida and became a flight attendant. According to Lupo, when the other flight attendants found out that she had been in Playboy, they harassed her and tried to get her fired. She left on her own, and two years later, the airline went bankrupt.

By 1981, Lupo was back in New Jersey and had a license to sell real estate. In 1986 she had a son with her long time partner Mark Settembre. A few years later, she picked up a cosmetology license.

Appearances in Playboy and other magazines

Book & Magazine

  • Playboy Magazine: Best Bunnies 75 & Hooray for Hoboken (Nov 1975)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Wharf Woman 波止場の女 (Dec 1975)
  • Playboy Magazine: Playmate Review & Cover (Jan 1976)
  • Playboy Magazine: Dear Playboy (Feb 1976)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Playmate Calendar 76 (Feb 1976)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: PMOY selection poll ベスト・プレイメイトを選ぼう (Jun 1976)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Beautiful 11 ビューティフル11 (Aug 1976)
  • Playboy Magazine: Portfolio : Pompeo Posar (Dec 1976)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Women in memory 回想の中の女たち (Jan 1977)
  • Playboy Special Edition: The Girls of Playboy 3 (1978)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy Bunnies #2 (1979)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Playmate history プレイメイト・ヒストリー (Feb 1979)
  • Playboy Japanese Edition Photo Book: Playmates 312 プレイメイト312 (Mar 1980)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Japanese Playboy 5th Anniversary history 図説PLAYBOY5年史 (Jul 1980)
  • Playboy Magazine: Bunny Birthday (Dec 1980)
  • Playboy Japanese Edition Photo Book: Playboy Part 2 (1981)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Playmate Mandala Calendar プレイメイトまんだらカレンダー (Feb 1982)
  • Playboy Japanese Edition Photo Book: Playmate Collection Vol.1 プレイメイト・コレクション1 (Nov 1982)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy Bunnies #3 (1983)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy's The Second 15 Years (1984)
  • Playboy Magazine: Playmates Forever! Part two (Apr 1984)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: 10 years later Playmates 10年後のプレイメイト (May 1984)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Pompeo Posar A Portfolio of Beautiful Women (1985)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: 400 PLAYMATES Nude evolution theory 400人PLAYMATES裸の進化論 (Feb 1987)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy's Pocketbook Playmates No.4 (1996)
  • Playboy Photo Book: The Playmate Book (5 Decades of Playmates - Dec 1996)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens (Jan 1998)
  • Japanese D-Cup Magazine Bachelor "The Biggest Boobed Playmate? - Janet Lupo" ジャネット・ルポーは史上最胸? (May 1998)
  • Glamour Girls of the Century (1998 Barnes and Noble)
  • Celebrity Sleuth Vol.12 No.5 Women of Fantasy 10 (May 1999)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy's Book of Lingerie (May/June 1999)
  • Pinup 5 (Oct 1999)
  • Playboy Magazine: Playboy Centerfold of the Century (Jan 2000)
  • Steve Sullivan's Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia (2000 Barnes and Noble)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds Volume 4 (Feb/Mar 2000)
  • Celebrity Sleuth Vol.13 No.4 Treasured Chests: 2nd set (Apr 2000)
  • Playboy Special Edition: Centerfolds of the Century (May/June 2000)
  • Playboy Magazine Japanese Edition: Voluptuous Playmates Special 巨乳プレイメイト大特集 (Oct 2001)
  • Playboy Magazine: Playmate News (Nov 2005)
  • Celebrity Sleuth No.47 Women of Fantasy 16! (May 2007)

TV shows

  • Nippon Television 日本テレビ: 11 PM "11 Playmates have come!" 11PM「来た!ヤンキーボインが11人」 (May 24th/1976)
  • VH1: Rock-of-Ages (Nov 13th/1999)

Other media

  • Mainichi Shimbun 毎日新聞: Busty Playmate gathered a lot of the Tokyo University students! 見事なボインをボディスーツにくるんだモデルたち。東大生はわんさと集まった (May 24th/1976)
  • Playboy Calendar (1977 and 1978)
  • Playboy Video: Playboy Playmates : The Early Years (1992 VHS)

Awards and distinctions

  • Bunnys of '75 (source : Playboy Magazine Nov 1975)
  • Queen of Hoboken, New Jersey '76 (source : Pinup 5, page 27)
  • The Playmate Mail Website first ever poll 'The Most Beautiful Breasts' and 'The Biggest Bust' of any Playmate ever Vol.12 No.5, page 76

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