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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Jennifer Jordan

Did you know, during the 1960's the Post Office targeted consumers of erotica and sexual minorities such as homosexuals and sadomasochists? Did any of you know that Irving Klaw was taken to court many times. There were many , many laws passed on obscenity during the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Meg Myles

The Irving Klaw NUTRIX booklet , was very popular in the 1950`s. Also in the 40's Lenny Burtman(1921-1994) began to publish fetish books. Burtman's enterprises were larger than any of his predecessors, including Klaw. Burtman was the first to employ a professional, nationwide distribution network, unlike Charles Guyette, Klaw and Coutts. Yogi Klein has made reference to Burtman's , "fetish empire." In the history of the American Fetish style, there is probaly no early figure better suited for an interesting film or non-fiction narrative. Burtman offered photo sets of Bettie Page, photos of women wearing rubber and leather on the cover of Bizarre Life in 1966, Meg Miles on the cover of Satan in High Heels in 1960, and one of the most famous dominatrix's of all time, Monique Von Cleef 1965! By 1966 , the professional dominatrix in New York was well connected in "bizarre" social circles. In 1960, Lenny married Jutka Goz , who later became Mistress Jennifer Jordan. In the 1970's HOM became one of the main producers and distributors of S&M and fetish erotica in the US. From the early days to present there have been many Mistresses who have graced the pages in these magazines.

At various stages of his publishing career, Lenny Burtman also employed the services of seminal B&D artists such as Bill Ward and Gene Bilbrew. In the 1960`s Lenny married Jutka Goz (a former Miss Hungary), who later became Mistress Jennifer Jordan. In the 1970`s & 1980`s, when he had moved back to California, he published various products under the title of Eros Gold Stripe Publishing. Most of the Eros-Gold Stripe magazines featured Jennifer Jordan and Kim Christy.

Mistress Jennifer Jordan

Here is the name that comes to innumerable lips whenever domination is mentioned. Be it in Europe, or on the American continent, there is only one Jennifer Jordan. With both feature films and innumerable magazines to her credit, Jennifer Jordan realizes that her many fans often wonder where the fantasy ends and where reality begins in her almost-magical life.

Can anyone be all that she is?

Can any woman exude such power, charisma and plain down-right sexiness on a full-time basis? Of course she can — if she's Jennifer Jordan!


It was 1972, and Jennifer Jordan was in New York City, looking for dominant action. Teaming with the then-brunette Jennifer Welles, Ms. Jordan starred in a torrid action film entitled The Dominatnxes. Always eager to exploit her well-known talents — and aware that the subject of domination was totally misunderstood — Jennifer Jordan got it on in what has become a film classic in the genre.


There was an alluring chemistry between the two Jennifers — Welles had never before undertaken a domination role with an expert by her side, and Jennifer Jordan had never had the pleasure of sharing her expertise with such a voluptuous co-star. Together, the two dominatrixes constituted perhaps the greatest domination team in film history. Of course, without Jennifer Jordan at her side, Ms. Welles soon reverted to more generalized sexual portrayals, while Jennifer Jordan traveled to the West Coast and began a second career in publishing. Coincidentally, years later, both dominatrixes established first-rate publications of national status.


Jennifer Jordan's move to the West Coast was perhaps the best thing she could have done: Soon after her arrival, Los Angeles became the center for dominant films. Jennifer lost no time in establishing herself as the class of the field, and soon had a starring role in Dominarrixes in High Heels, along with co-stars Kerri Kendall and Terri Winslow. Jennifer's energy and excitement caused fellow actors to wonder if Jennifer Jordan was an act, or the real" thing. Jennifer was an actress, all right — but she was also the real thing, and Hollywood, land of make-believe, was not ready.


Jamie Gillis was a rising star in the field of adult films — perhaps the only actor in Hollywood with the virility to be a feature player in porn films and a New York stage acting background. He met his match, however, in Jennifer Jordan's Lessons in Pain, receiving firsthand information on woman's natural superiority.


During the mid-seventies, Jennifer Jordan teamed up with the incredible Kirn Christy, and together constituted the high point in domination teams. Much of their work was done for Exotique magazine, the leader of the field. Many stars found themselves working with the dynamic duo - here, Bill Margold, star of several feature films gets a well-deserved workout. Bizarre publications such as Exorique came into their own in the seventies, due to a recognition of the charisma of Jennifer Jordan, which is to say, her outstanding ability to sell magazines in which she was featured. Kirn Christy's career was highlighted by her work with Jennifer Jordan.


Jamie Gillis has appeared on national television — Tomorrow, with Tom Snyder — and has appeared on the stage in New York City. One of his favorite roles was that of the tormented, abused male, and Jennifer Jordan — along with Kirn Christy — was his favorite tormentor. With Jamie Gillis, things look real, and he remains one of Jennifer's favorite co-stars, and the only man that could steal a scene from her.


When Jennifer Jordan decides to team up with not only Kim Christy, her number one assistant, but with Brandy Lee as well — then pity the poor male who happens to wander into their midst! The girls worked out all the kinks on this fellow.


Once Jennifer Jordan was satisfied with someone's work, she made sure they received all the assignments they could handle. Thus, Kim Christy and Kerri Kendall often worked as Jennifer's sidekicks, contributing their heels and leather to innumerable photo sessions. Most of Jennifer's fans had said that this trio was their all-time favorite, and it is not difficult to see why: A perfect combination of the beautiful and the bizarre.


Jennifer's latest student — and perhaps the best — is Las Vegas' own Dominique, who learned domination in England. Together, Jennifer and Dominique are preparing a night club act of sexy marital bondage and discipline — ideal for the American male!


Her career has taken her from the gothic cold of Northern Europe to the sun-drenched ease of Southern California, but through it all, Jennifer Jordan remains a legendary dominatrix, second to none in beauty or fame.

More of Mistress Jennifer?? Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DistinguishedDominants

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle and slave english

Tana Louise

Femme Fatale - Tana Louise
Also see the page [ Tana Louise ]

Tana Louise (not to be confused with Tina Louise, aka TV's Ginger) started her career as a burlesque strip teaser in the 1950's. Her real claim to fame, though, was as a fetish model and columist for under-the-counter magazine Exotique.

Although high heels and stockings were common prop in pin-up photography, the more extreme versions were marginalized and only available via mail-order houses. These were the pictures where heels had to be at least five inches longs and elements of bondage and S&M were always upfront. Ads for these picture sets could be found hidden in the backs of classic men's magazines. It was the part of girlie magazine culture that was always spoken of in a whisper. Irving Klaw, who Louise posed for, was probably the best know of these photographers and the one most prosecuted.

Whereas mainstream girlie magazines were tolerated by society, publishing fetish magazines was much trickier. Some, like Bizarre, played games to avoid being attacked. They would say their magazine was there to promote the learning of martial arts so you would would be attacked and tied up by burglars like the women pictured in the magazine.

Exotique, founded by Leonard Burtman, was focused less on bondage and more on women in high heel and corsets...basically the classic dominatrix look. Louise, because of her exotic looks and wicked smile, fit that image perfectly. (Exotique also featured fellow Femme Fatales Bettie Page, Betty Blue, and Jackie Miller.)

After a few issues, Louise not only became the main model and columnist for Exotique, but she became Burtman's wife. Her column, titled "From Me To You," was basically the text for her photo shoots. A typical one would have her telling in exquisite detail what she would be wearing for a big night out. On the next page would be pictures of her putting on a tight dress, lacing up impossible heels, and pulling on arm length gloves.

After a few years, Louise's marriage with Burtman began to wane. By the end of the 50's, her participation in Exotique ended as well. By the early 1960's, the fetishism that was underground the decade before started to find its way into the mainstream. Unfortunately, after her tenure with Exotique, Louise seems to disappear from site. There is some speculation that she continued modeling through the 60's, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Her current popularity comes of the heels (no pun intended) or reprints of Bizarre, Exotique, and photos from Irving Klaw. Louise is one gal who really puts the "fatal" in Femme Fatale.

Tana Louise was a burlesque striptease artist and fetish model in the 1950s, who is most famous for her involvement in the fetish magazine Exotique, which she was both a columnist and model for. Not long after her involvement in the magazine she married Leonard Burtman, owner of the magazine.

Tana Louise also did some work with Irving Klaw.

By the late 1950s, her marriage to Burtman had begun to deteriorate and they divorced. Soon after she left the magazine and disappeared from the public eye. Tana was one of the most famous fetish models of her day, but as time went on she was overshadowed by her peer, Bettie Page.

In the 1960s, Tana Louise and burlesque striptease artist Mara Gaye started an exotic bizarre costumes mail order catalog company called Tana and Mara.

Kim Christy

From Reb Stout
Kim Christy

Kim is undoubtedly the most famous transsexual from the 70's and 80's, and her fame continues on.

I still remember the first 8mm film loop I saw of Kim…riding down the street on a bicycle, going inside a house…then dressing up in corset, seamed stockings, kidskin leather gloves, blonde wig and 6" calfskin opera pumps. Incredible…I'd never seen anything like it before.

Then I started searching out all of the magazines that Kim was featured in…with Jennifer Jordan, Serena, etc…the "Eros Goldstripe" magazines always had Kim starring in a photo layout…lots of leather, fetish clothing, 6" heels…everything perfect.

And over these years, we have become very good friends.

And have a look at Kim's personal website:



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