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This article is titled
Legends of Dominance
by Mistress Michelle Peters et al.
and posted with permission
(All information herein is provided by author)

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Mistress Ann Pierce

Women in Command Magazine

Vol. 2, No. 2, 1981

Women in Command Magazine was published by Eros Publishing Company , Inc. Wilimington , Delaware. This magazine was was distributed by MAGCORP. The photos from this issue can be seen at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClassicDominants

Never Tempt A Bitchwitch
The Baroness Monique Von Cleef with Mistress Ann and slave

Ever since Monique Von Cleef, the legendary Dutch mistress of pain, was busted for running a professional operation dedicated to the neutering of her excessively servile clientele, there has been a rebirth of public interest in the bizarre world of pain-for-pay.

Von Cleef playfully tormented men in the New York City area, with operations in Long Island and New Jersey. Is it that the Big Apple nurtures fruitcakes who desire humiliation and debasement more than anything? Or is it simply that the New York metropolitan area is the most sexually cosmopolitan part of the country?

Who knows? The fact is that while Von Cleef is history, Mistress Ann Pierce is not. She runs one of the most successful bitchwitch operations ever—a slick sexy shop overflowing with a monied masochistic multitude of would-be slaves, all eager to pay top dollar for the privilege of accepting pain. Mistress Ann is a strongly built, stern-faced woman with an uncommon appreciation of just how much abuse most primates can both tolerate and pay for. She has a number of live-in slaves, all anxious to do her bidding, no matter how grisly the assignment.

She also has a host of clients eager to pay for an hour's worth of hardcore torment, the specialty of the house. Does she see anything wrong with any of it?

"Everyone here is here because they want to be," she answers.

"It's a free country—we are all consenting adults."

But there's more to it than mere monetary return. Mistress Ann is expressing her own sexuality when she commands others to do her bidding. She is a mistress through and through. She loves her work, and would do it for nothing in different circumstances.

"A mistress who's in it for the money and only for the money could not possibly tolerate the assholes who show up looking for relief," she says. "You have to genuinely despise and otherwise loathe the masculine urge toward self-gratification, or you'll go completely bonkers."

What is it that really sets her teeth on edge? "The usual male bullshit," she says. "The old macho mentality. Guys like that get my special treatment. Most men, once you get to know them, are whining, thin-skinned little shits and nothing more. You've got to make them understand that you won't put up with it."

How did Mistress Ann find her niche in life? "It wasn't difficult. Let's face it - I don't have cheerleader looks. Men respond to me in a certain way, and I was quick to pick up on it. If you look like you're used to giving orders, you'II find yourself surrounded by people eager to carry them out. It's that simple."

She is sitting in an easy chair, clad in nothing more than a leather bra, leather panties, and knee-high boots with spike heels.

On the floor in front of her is Sylvia, one of her many slaves.

Sylvia is an attractive blonde — an ex-housewife from Secaucus, New Jersey, who left home to find herself. She found herself serving as a human footstool on this occasion. "I don't mind," Sylvia says from her position on all fours underneath Mistress Ann's boots.

"Mistress Ann has given me what I've been looking for all of my adult life—freedom to be totally enslaved. I don't have to think or make decisions. All I have to do is whatever Mistress Ann says."

Mistress Ann nods in agreement. "Slaves are a wonderful social device," she says. "Free labor is good business. Besides, I have an actual affection of my slaves. I feed them, give them a place to live, remove all feelings of responsibility from their mediocre stifled lives. In return, they are mine to do with as I see fit. "

Mistress Ann is expecting a client, a well-to-do Manhattan executive with a reputation second to none in the cut-throat world of international wheeling and dealing. He has just returned from a business trip to Washington, D.C. and has phoned Mistress Ann because he is in severe need of punishment.

Everytime this particular gentleman scores a really big deal involving millions of dollars and the lives of countless people, he is overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, worthlessness and shame.

There is only one way for him to purge his mind and body of such sickening reactions — and that is to report to Mistress Ann for a session.

Mistress Ann's slave Vi ( Johnson ) and slave being tied under Mistress Ann's direction

She will leave him in much better shape, but only for a brief period of time. "There is no long range catharsis that I can provide," she says. "Men bring their own miseries down on their heads. This guy will leave here feeling totally together, but his lifestyle is such that after shitting on a few hundred people and screwing others out of all their money, he will once again need to be straightened out."

She checks the clock. "he'll be here shortly." She steps over the kneeling Sylvia and whistles loudly. Immediately, a stocky black woman appears, a look of total adoration on her face. "Prepare the chamber," Mistress Ann says. The black woman bows and rushes off.

Mistress Ann orders Sylvia to clean every bathroom in the place. Cheerfully, Sylvia rushes off. "Because of social pressure, I have to maintain a small, quiet operation," she says. "If I were able to advertise openly, I could be making a fortune.

How so? "There are so many men out there in need of my services that I would be overwhelmed with clients," she says. "I think that perhaps seven out of ten men walking the streets today need at least a good spanking. Many of them need even more severe treatment. Isn't life tough enough? Why does she think that so many otherwise normal men need to be punished? "First off," says Mistress Ann, "I love to do it. If it were up to me, every male on the face of the earth would be forced to endure training. The only acceptable male is a fully trained and thoroughly housebroken one.

He must be submissive to a woman's every wish. We are the superior branch of the species, if not a wholly superior species."

Does such training actually make men happier? "Of course I can't speak for all cases," she answers, "but only those with whom I have had some direct experience. And the answer is yes.

All the males I have treated, trained and otherwise tormented, have been enriched by my methods. They lead saner, more obedient lives."

The theme of obedience is one of Mistress Ann's favorites.

'"Look," she says, "as long as man thinks he's king of the mountain, that he's going to make a fortune, screw every women he's attracted to, and in general be a total pig, then he's in shit city.

What happens when no part of that pathetic male dream comes true? What happens when he finds himself locked into a dreary nine-to-five ballbreaker of a job and he's got a two-hundred-pound wife passed out on the living room sofa due to a toxic mixture of cooking sherry and chocolate covered cherries? He begins to feel like the entire universe has taken a shit on him, and there's no way for him to get rid of those feelings of worthlessness, stupidity, shame and utter frustration, not to mention the side effects which are just as bad."

Side effects? What else was there? "He himself is changing," Mistress Ann says. "He is no longer the youthful, athletic, good-looking curly-haired Adonis he used to be. He sees his life going into a terminal shitslide and there's nothing he can do about it . . . there's nothing he can do about it because he's fighting it, struggling against it. As we all know, the only release comes from not fighting, from not struggling. That's what my training is all about. I bring out man's submissive side, his passive side. He has to learn to accept, which is difficult for most men because of their innate and almost total stupidity."

We are joined by the stocky black woman, whose name is Gloria. "We are ready," she says in a whisper. Mistress Ann nods vigorously. Her cheeks are red. She is getting into the proper mood.

"Is he here yet?" Mistress Ann asks. Gloria nods. She points to the forward door.

Mistress Ann nods again. Her physical excitement is not only obvious, it is contagious. Gloria is beginning to smile, a shy, hesitant smile. She has to ease it out, check and see if smiling is okay with Mistress Ann. It is. "You will assist me today, Mistress Ann says to Gloria. Gloria's face is now so gloriously open with joy and the lust to debase whoever is in the other room that she cannot control her glee.

We enter the room in which the client awaits. He is sitting on a hardback chair, a sheen of perspiration across his brow. When he sees me, he is startled. He is not sure that he is ready to have another male present for his humiliation. "You'll do as I say, asshole, she tells him when he objects to my presence. '"If you don't like it, get out. In fact, get out anyway. I 'm sick and tired of your whining asshole face! He is immediately and totally contrite. He explains that he in no way meant to infer that I was unwelcome. In fact, the more he thinks about it, he now says, the more his humiliation would be complete if another male were present to witness his debasement.

He knows that this type of reasoning will appeal to Mistress Ann's demented view of the world. She nods and orders him to strip. He glances at me as if to say: Yeah, she's right - I am an asshole.

But he gets on with it and I'm forced to curl up in the corner, to make myself as unobtrusive as possible. Not that the scene is distasteful—it is not. He is having a good time and he knows it. His cock is hard by the time he strips, and it is the object of Mistress Ann's immediate attention. "How dare you expose that wimpy finger like that?" she screams. She orders Gloria to lash her subject to a cross made of wood. He is secured and then Mistress Ann really gets down to business. She turns to me and begins to talk.

"What you are looking at is the shell of a man," she says. "This asshole has to come to me twice a month in order to function at all. He would be happiest bagging horseshit in the hot sun with me standing over him with a bullwhip.

instead, he continues to waste his time managing an international conglomerate that he neither understands nor appreciates.

When the pressures get too intense, he must come to me for relief."

Gloria has been lightly stroking the man's chest with a switch.

The lashes have grown swifter while Mistress Ann speaks. The man is twitching with pain, but the expression on his face—and his pulsing cock—indicate substantial pleasure.

What follows is just what the doctor ordered, as far as Mistress Ann's client is concerned. He is pierced through the nipples, and rings are inserted, linked to chains. They are tugged repeatedly, and his writhing movements indicate as much pleasure as pain.

Mistress Ann beats him along the buttocks with a whip, and his twitchings seem to excite her. She binds him in a new position, this one designed so that he can take his punishment and lap her cunt at the same time.

While he Is lapping Mistress Ann, she is screaming obscenities and Gloria is buggering the client with a seven-inch dildo.

Make no mistake about it—this guy really is an asshole and he knows it. The more vicious and demanding the two bitches become, the more excited he grows.

An hour later, he is dressing, his hands shaking. He has had a shower and he can walk, though a bit stiff-legged. "What can I say?" he tells me. "Don't ask me why I come back here. All I know is whenever I leave Mistress Ann, I feel like driving a stake through her heart because I realize what a truly awful bitch she really is. But two weeks later, she has me by the balls again." He shrugs.

"Some of us need it, I guess. I'd follow her to the ends of the earth, and she knows it. My wife doesn't know anything at all about this. She'd divorce me if she found out, and I can't have that. I have to be discreet."

Mistress Ann invites me to stay for dinner, an incredibly bizarre meal prepared and served by her slaves. Service at Mistress Ann's is second to none. Dish after dish is set out before us. The slightest miscue in either service or food preparation is handled in the usual way: a severe tongue-lashing coupled with a promise for future punishment.

She once again explains her theory of the universe, her place in it, and the many males she will need to trample in order to reach her natural, preordained niche in the scheme of things.

As I leave, she coyly asks if I have been turned on by her behavior. There is such rampant sexuality present in her house that a certain rodent-like heat is hard to escape. It is like going to McDonald's and not ordering fries. There is no way to escape feelings of dank, joyless sex in such a place. Like other primates, I am no exception.

But I manage to back out the door mumbling my compliments on the dinner without getting tripped, punched or lashed. I feel like a virgin who's just been through boot camp with the Third Marines. There's no question that Mistress Ann has got her act together, and perhaps she is planning to take it on the road. I don't know. But here's a friendly warning: this woman is not fooling around. She is serious about what she does, and she expects her slaves to be nothing less.

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle and slave english

Mistress Antoinette

Also see the page [ Versatile Fashions ]

A little over twenty-three years ago after sewing, mending, molding several variously designed corsets, Mistress Antoinette created her own mail order design house for all who were being attracted to the idea that the feminine form could and should be attractively amplified by, in one instance, accessorizing with erotic foundation requirements, and simply established, for that purpose, Versatile Fashions. ( www.versatilefashions.com )

The phenomenal success of her flagship store was exemplified by the perfect timing of Michelle Pfeifer having her nimble frame corseted in a vinyl cat suit to more adroitly portray the feline nemesis of the comic book super hero Batman: with Versatile Fashions selling over 3,000 matching costumes.

One might also remember that 1997 Super Bowl Sunday Pepsi-Cola commercial featuring the French maid motif which sent subsequent sales soaring in a similar manner. As a plus matter of fact Victoria`s Secret has commissioned Versatile Fashions to carry Antoinette's personal designs. She will hasten to point out that soft leather, vinyl, satin, nylon or velvet layers on women today have become, not just the mode of specialty materials, but has noticeably influenced the international haute couture runways.

During the last decade Versatile Fashions has virtually dominated the universe of erotic fantasy for a discriminating clientele: because of that it has become the third largest retailer in the alternative clothing industry. Antoinette is further quick to recall all of those who have over the years given sentimental value to the loyal order of her products by sending their tattered corsets to her just to have them rebraced.

One doesn't find it at all difficult to envision Ms. Antoinette as, indeed, marching to the beat of a different drummer: it's more as though she's leading her own fashion parade into the search and development of revolutionary new millennial material design.

Since 1977 Versatile Fashions has been the leader in creating unique, high quality corsets and designs for the Fetish and Transgendered lifestyles. We specialize in real figure training and transformation so your wildest fantasies can come true! No matter what your gender, shape or size, from petite to voluptuous, we can fit you and adorn you in sexy fashions. Choose from corsets, cat suits, maid uniforms or our many original designs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Each garment is designed and manufactured with love right here in our quality controlled factory in Orange, California.


One of the first videos I did was for Mistress Antoinette of Versatile Fashions, called," The Subjugation of Eve." After the video was filmed we went to a party that evening. I was used to the parties back east and the ones on the West Coast seemed to be different. I cant say the people were not into the scene, but certainly NOT the same way. I first noticed back east people seem to dress the part, the Leather Attire was important, on West coast they didn't dress the part. I met someone dressed like a Priest, I didn't know he was a real Priest, I thought he was just dressing like one. We had a conversation and the topic of piercing came up, so he showed me his piercing. I wanted to know if I was into bondage and spankings. Not saying a word I lead him into the dinning room where I proceed to tie him to the dining room table. Today I wouldn't think of that. But I did , and tied him down and gagged him, I used him to spank him and when people came into the room I let them spank him also. I cant say how he was tied and I thought he was having a good time. Mistress Antoinette came into the room and said we were leaving, I said good bye to everyone and we left. In the car back to Mistress Antoinette's house she was taking about the Priest, and I found out he was a REAL Priest. Then she joked about me having him tied to the dinning room table, and we all laughed. Then she said," By the way I didn't say good bye to him, and asked me what I did with him?" I said, "Oh, he's still tied to the table!" I guess he was kind of upset because no bothered to untie him, he was tied to the table for 3 hours, upon hearing that, Mistress Antoinette called me , " One Merciless Mistress ." After that people would call me, ONE MERCILESS MISTRESS at the parties.

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle

Mistress Artemis

Kitten With a Whip
Photography & story by Jim Thompson
Atrtemis, Goddess of old, has set foot on the earth!

She has abandoned Mount Olympia for a lifetime in her human form. The lucky earthlings may now see and meet a Goddess; the Mistress Artemis.

Physical beauty aside, this is a very special woman who has consented to grace the pages of Reflections. Her love of life, her spirit for living, is like a breath of fresh air for all to breathe.

Artemis is a unique woman, truly a 'Kitten with a Whip!' Don't let the beautiful smile fool you. This is a true Dominant, more than able to turn her pleasures into your commands!

This human Goddess is not, however, the daughter of Zeus. This Goddess is the daughter of Mistress Jennifer Antone who graced the pages of Reflections Vol. 9 No. 3.

Is Artemis her mother's daughter? In some ways. Granted, they both are beautiful, sincerely into Dominance, and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

However, Artemis is her own woman.

She respects her mother deeply but has her own special persona that is hers and hers alone. When one stands (or kneels) before her (she prefers kneeling), one cannot help but love her.

Artemis is not just a dominant personality, she is a living Goddess.

When I first met Artemis, I was really taken by her physical charms, but soon realized there was more to this woman than beauty. Her love of life and her open-minded attitude is infectious. She enjoys the company of others and is especially interested in their fantasies.

When Artemis demands you to "Tell me your fantasies" she means it. She loves to make her friends feel as comfortable as possible when they are around her.

Will Rogers never met a man he didn't like — Artemis has never met a submissive she didn't enjoy. In her spare time she reads, enjoys backpacking, and her two cats.

Is Dominance just a part-time pleasure for Artemis? No way! Artemis is not only a real-life Dominant, she is an excellent exponent of her lifestyle.

When I first introduced my girlfriend, Aerial, to Artemis, Aerial didn't care for or understand the B&D scene in any fashion. Artemis was patient with Aerial and took time to explain how B&D could actually be fun and enhance our sex lives at the same time.

She explained how the relationships between men and women were changing and how a strong, dominant personality is within us all and that Aerial could feel free to allow her dominant side to appear. Before long, Artemis and Aerial were best friends and Aerial felt very comfortable expressing the assertive side of herself.

Aerial even felt comfortable enough to appear in Artemis' video that will soon be available from Versatile Fashions.

Our readers may contact Artemis by writing her.

--Compiled by Mistress Michelle and slave english


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